Linda Jackson

Hi, my name is Linda Jackson, I live on the outskirts of New Plymouth with my partner, and have two grown up children in their early twenties.

I was not raised in an equine family, but ventured into the world of Miniature Horses when my 7yr old daughter got a little gelding called Oaklahoma Little Joe – all of 30″ at the wither; we still have Little Joe who turns 19yrs old this year. Later on we also competed in the pony rings with our English Riding pony, our P/B Morgan mare, and a Sec B Welsh mare.

Over the last 15years we have competed from Christchurch to North Auckland, we have had some great successes at high levels of competition with horses we have bred and trained, both in the inhand breed ring and the performance ring. Today our herd numbers about 20 horses including our gorgeous Miniature stallion who was imported from the USA.

Quality paddock and show rugs are a vital part of competing Miniature Horses, as they are shown freshly clipped. It is imperative the covers are robust, well fitting, well designed and waterproof!

We are super excited to be wearing covers sponsored by Little to Big Equine this coming show season, helping to keep our show team warm, dry, clean and looking pretty classy in the lastest colour range.

I am grateful for the sponsorship given to me by Little to Big Equine and look forward to showcasing the quality rugs and gear I am provided with.

– Linda